Thursday, October 12th
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

How to Frame Your Story (So People Care)

In just one hour, you'll learn how to present your story in a compelling way.Hosted by Lawrence Yeo, the creator of More To That.

Here's what we'll cover in the workshop:

What is a theme?

It's a simple question, but we often complicate it.In just a few seconds, I'll break it down so you'll remember what a theme is at a moment's notice.

How do I get people to care about my theme?

Now it's time to make things practical.I'll go over the Insight Menu, a timeless tool you can apply to any theme. It will show you how to touch upon the three universal elements that draw us into any story.

Can you give me some examples?

Of course. I'll walk you through how I used the Insight Menu to build the foundation of my popular story, Travel Is No Cure for the Mind.This story has been read by a million people, and there's a reason why.

I have some more questions for you.

Great! I'll save some time at the end of the workshop for some Q&A. The session will be recorded, but you'll only be able to ask me your question if you attend live.

Wait, who's teaching this again?

Oh, of course! Let me introduce myself.My name is Lawrence Yeo, and I'm the writer / illustrator of More To That. I create illustrated stories on the human condition, and my work has been read 3 million times from almost every country in the world.I share what I know through a 4-week course called Thinking In Stories. The next cohort kicks off on Monday, October 23rd, and enrollment opens up on October 9th.

Join us for the workshop

How to Frame Your Story (So People Care) starts at 10 AM PT on Thursday, October 12th.

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